Basic Homemade “Happy”

Growing up, I had the wonderful privilege of being raised by my mother (an incredibly dynamic, multifaceted woman of many talents), in tandem with my grandmother, and great-grandmother (amazing combination of women); three generations of Southern class and elegance intrinsically pouring foundational lady-like virtues into me. My grandmother (a.k.a. Grams) was always an advocate of bringing smiles to faces with small gifts she deemed as a “happy” or “happys” – the “little things” that reminded someone they were thought of, loved, and valued. Someone can also be yourself, if you’re looking for a “pick me up” or just a simple reason to add an extra piece of joy into your life.

The summer months are fantastic for outdoor activities and evenings on the patio. Mason jars (a classic Southern staple) double as perfect vases for subtle decor touches. I picked up these tiny yellow roses to freshen up the home, mind, and soul. Tiny arrangements like these also make lovely gifts that are sure to encourage, edify, and lighten the mood of any room (and heart). When gifting, consider writing a message of hope and encouragement, tied with burlap string. My Grams’ motto in life was always that life was about other people; one you realized this, you truly began to live. Be someone’s reason to smile today …

FLower 1 Flower 2

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