Adventures in Imagination and Creativity


As a mother of an adventurous four year old little boy (housing the energy of a small village with tornado-like play behaviors),  I am continuously searching for new opportunities to inspire, discover, and create foundational experiences for higher learning and life lessons. Burning off copious amounts of energy is always a strong motivator as well! While I love being outdoors, let’s face it … the summer heat in Texas will melt your face right off and burn right through your SPF 75, creating that ever so unattractive and painful skin singeing – not my best look. Ergo, my continuous quest for fun indoor activities that still encourage my little man’s mind to get those creative juices flowing.

Recently, I happened upon a quaint establishment tucked away in one of the local plazas – Play Street Museum. The museum is an interactive replica of some of Frisco’s local establishments, complete with a Fire Department, Humane Society, Clinic, Bank, Kenny’s Burger Joint, Grocery Store, and more!


Children can dress for the part as they play individually or together in their creative spaces. My son was especially fond of being part of the Frisco Fire Department – if they’re hiring, there’s a junior firefighter suited up and ready for action!

IMG_7845          IMG_7848

IMG_7847            IMG_7846

My personal favorite was the Clinic, encompassing the full gamut of medical professionals; internal medicine, radiology, orthopedics, and the veterinary clinic right next door! Who doesn’t want to raise a medical professional? Paging Dr. Clark for surgery – he took the role very seriously.

IMG_7850           IMG_7851

In addition to the interactive city, they have large tables for tactile skills and dexterity practice via various forms of art projects, kinetic sand boxes, magnetic walls with shapes, letters, and numbers, and a large chalkboard. There is also a plethora of floor activities for the choosing. Your little one is sure to make some new friends in this community inspired realm.


Upon arrival, your child will be given a token for their snack, which they may collect at any time. They’re instructed to go to the counter and pick from a healthy assortment of food and drink and pay with the token provided. Another wonderful incorporation of life skills for all little learners present.

If you’re in the Frisco, TX area and looking for something creative your child can do (you can join in on the fun too), I highly recommend stopping by the Play Street Museum. It is sure to inspire adventures in imagination and creativity!

Bonus item … if you’re in need of some downtime, the play area is secured with plenty of seating for you to catch up on work, emails, social media, or read a book while your child plays.

Click here for more details about the Play Street Museum.

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