Fall Wardrobe Debut – Channeling Audrey H., Jackie O., and the infamous “Claire Underwood” …

As I’ve mentioned before, Autumn is my absolute favorite season. What with its beautiful colors and crisp, cool weather; and the warmth that comes from all the fall festivities with family and friends …. ahhhh, just love it all.

That being said, what excites me most about the Fall season? Why my Fall wardrobe, of course (insert giddy applause and the grand swinging entrance sound of closet doors opening)!

Put the statement necklaces to bed for the season (they’ve had their fill of fun this year) and pull out the statement jackets and scarfs. For Fall starters, I’ve put together a lovely little number for the office, brunch, or even dinner on the town. As Oscar Wilde noted, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated”. Truer words were never spoken ….

The above photo features as follows (from left to right)  ….

1 – A dazzling Antonio Melani number. Was this actually from Jackie O.’s closet? I’d like to think so. I know what you’re thinking at first glance … the vintage yellow backdrop with cream roses could come across a bit like you’re dressing for an educational experience at The Antiques Roadshow; however, it’s perfectly tailored and has an amazing waist line to add a modern flare. Think more along the lines of an updated version of “Mad Men” attire, rather than your grandmother’s curtains. Paired with the above, one will expertly craft fashionable class.

2 – A little c.z. dusted ribbons and bows to provide the sparkle to your neckline and highlight the twinkle in your eyes. Audrey would most certainly endorse.

Something to note – yellow ensembles like this one need some extra pizzazz, as standard gold jewelry pieces tend to fade into the background. My J. Crew necklace’s subtle contribution gets the job done right.

Here’s what we have so far …


3 – Two-toned camel and cream Coach shoes. There’s not a job out there you can’t get done in these power pumps! No matter what task you’re executing, you’re going to achieve top results with these little treasures covering your feet … right down to vacuuming. Claire Underwood would be so proud … bet she’d row in these shoes too.

4 – Finally …. my expertly tailored, canary yellow J. Crew jacket. It’s like you’re actually wearing sunshine in this jacket.


How can you not smile in this glamorous getup, full of vitality? Get ready to command a room with your elegance and timeless fashion classics. Always remember, the best complement to any outfit is your smile … extend it regularly and match it with kindness and grace.


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