Fall Decor Favs – Subtle Touches for Holiday Warmth

Have I mentioned how much I adore all things Fall? Yes, well here are some lovely home decor ideas to channel your Thanksgiving spirit and the warmth of the season …

Outdoor Foyer. If you’re anything like me, you love a good “welcome home” from a long day at the office (or wherever it is you’ve been spending the majority of your hours laboring). Your outdoor foyer is the perfect place to create this personal greeting, while also dressing up the neighborhood. Careful … this could get competitive, especially in Texas.

A wooden wreath drenched in colorful leaves, miniature pumpkins and gourds is my signature front door display, and very easy to put together. Brown doors create a wonderful backdrop for all Fall colors; however, if you have a painted door, you may find yellows and reds work better for your display, depending on the color contrast present.

I also love a good wicker basket, filled with leaves, pumpkins and gourds, and complete with a forest flare (how darling is this little fox, peaking out for a hello?). This is another “easy to throw together” item – the more rugged and natural looking, the better. Here’s what we have so far …


To add to the foyer festivity, integrate some tiny hay bales as benches with friendly scarecrows perched. Adorable, if I do say so myself … and kids love them!

Arrange with some yard art (sunflowers make a lovely contribution) and garden flag(s) and you’ve got the beginnings of a wonderfully warm outdoor foyer. And we haven’t even been to the pumpkin patch … what potential!


Bonus – the outdoor foyer doubles as a supreme backdrop for family photos. Can you stand it?!


Table Centerpiece
. I’m a big fan of subtle touches in the home to highlight the season. Pictured below is a breakfast table centerpiece. I like to incorporate some color from my household pallet (aquas and teals my way) to offset Fall colors, adding an additional layer of panache to the decor scheme. This makes for a beautiful color burst contrast, while still keeping the warm undertones of the season.

Bonus – you can still see your breakfast/lunch/dinner company with this low setting table display.


Plants. Mums, sunflowers, and the other typical harvest botanicals are great; however, if you want to try something new and interesting, try mini pepper plants. Can you say, caliente?


Hope you’ve been inspired to get those creative juices flowing! Always remember, a grateful heart is a happy heart and this is the season to spread thankfulness with every encounter.

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