Grands! BBQ Cups with Sweet Baby Ray’s … Party in your mouth; comfort for the heart.

Growing up, I spent many nights at my grandparents’ house for dinner. One of my favorite meals Grams perfected was Grands! BBQ cups. (Pause – I’m having a wonderful memory moment here … ahhhh … yum). Tasty little cups for the devouring … just try stopping  at the reasonably plated two BBQ cups serving size …

I can remember Mom asking me throughout the years … “Where would you like to eat for your birthday?” My response would be, “I want Grams’ BBQ cups for my birthday!” Sweet, savory, comfort food at its finest. The recipe is quick, easy, and appealing to all ages. My son recently got down on some BBQ cups like a BOSS (see below) – eating in your Sylvester snow hat is clearly optional, but will certainly create an engaging dinner conversation.


Link to Grands!’ recipe:

Sweet Baby Ray’s is my family’s BBQ sauce of choice for this dish, but you can certainly mix it up. Try adding some Frank’s (or your preferred brand) wing sauce on the side if you’re looking for some extra spice to each bite. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this recipe and your kiddos will be satisfied for the evening, making bedtime a breeze with stuffed bellies. Enjoy!

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