Pink Pout Perfection

As much as I truly love being a red head, the hair, pale skin and freckled color combinations have made it problematic when choosing lipstick colors. I’ve always gravitated towards basic glosses and muted shades, with the desire to find a bolder look for those days / nights you need that extra pop of glam.

Finally stumbled upon this gorgeous bold pink by Too Faced Cosmetics during one of my regular Ulta runs. Definitely adds the va va voom I was looking for without being too over the top in color.

Link to lipstick specs:

Heads up tip … be sure to try the lip color on your skin (using the backside of your hand as a canvas), to ensure you’re getting a realistic idea of how the shade will wear on you. That being said, not only did I leave Ulta feeling accomplished with buyer’s giddiness, but it also looked like I had toddler tendencies and had recently raided all the makeup in my mother’s and grandmother’s vanities. I’ll bring a bag of on-the-go wet wipes with me next time.

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