Monday Mad Men Vibes | Have You Seen My Cocktail?

Mondays (insert overly dramatic exhale, eye roll, and for some, a mild adult tantrum) … the dreaded weekday. Could this day produce any more utter disdain from the masses? We are all about the weekends and the coveted day we have now labeled as Fri-YAY! Even Wednesday got a bone thrown its way with Hump Day; the focus again being the countdown to the weekend. It got me thinking …

I feel like Mondays get such a bad rep. Yes, they typically follow the conclusion of weekends, time off, and all things relaxation. Yes, they tend to be the entrance into a workplace you’ve feverishly tried to turn off and bury for two solid days. While some of those thoughts and feelings may be fair and valid, I firmly believe a new perspective and take on Mondays is in order.

I’ve found the old saying, “You can control two things in life – your actions and your attitude.”, to be consistently on point. The day truly will be what you make it; your approach is key. As much as I love my weekends, I also love the thought of new beginnings and opportunities; the idea of possibilities. Mondays, for me, have become just that … an opportunity to further develop my passions, continue working in the creative spaces I’ve taken a break from during my weekend hiatus, produce and deliver results to enhance and deepen my skill set within my career, be an inspiration to my son and everyone around me, build a better version of myself … and that’s just scratching the surface. Again, the possibilities a day may bring!

Today was a Monday done right. I put my modern vintage best on, channeling my inner Mad Men leading lady. Not pictured here is the fitted navy cardigan I had to quickly shed in the TX heat, but a wonderful complement to this outfit nonetheless. It was a highly productive day for me, full of challenges and successes, coupled with laughs and fun social interactions. I look forward to picking up where I left off tomorrow … already steamed my outfit for all the leading, project execution, and dragon slaying I’ll be doing in style. 🙂

While I don’t think anyone should live for any particular day, but rather live for every day, let’s all try to start viewing Mondays as a day to tackle, seize, and make absolutely grand. Get up, dress up, and never give up! And when you’ve finished the day, grab that cocktail/beer/vino and soak in every last lovely moment of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed mine, sitting by a fountain, in shaded sunshine – it was most certainly an uncork and unwind kind of evening. Now if I could only find that handsome Don Draper …


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