If You Can’t Tan It, Tone It

So … can we talk about my new favorite workout equipment of late, The Booty Belt???!!! I know what you’re thinking … booty what? Come again? Classy. Listen, I’m in my 30’s now and let’s face it, as much running, yoga, and miscellaneous strenuous activities I cram into my week, gravity is not our friend. In fact I’m quite certain gravity has a personal vendetta against me at this juncture in life. I’ve done everything short of a native rain dance to defy these aging odds. Ever look in the mirror some days and think … wait a second, when did THAT start sagging, bagging, and dragging??? Yep.

Like many of you, I live an incredibly healthy lifestyle with a great diet and exercise combination. There’s not a bike route, running and/or hiking trail, trampoline park, playground, or bleachers I haven’t taken on in full fledged workout mode. Sometimes, in heels! Even so, I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted, in terms of toning my backside, until … enter The Booty Belt (stage left, strong applause).

This contraption, if you will, can be a bit difficult to manuever if you lack coordination. In addition, it can sometimes resemble a mild form of medieval torture, should you attempt to tackle a more advanced level than recommended for newbies (possibly speaking from experience). All that being said, once you get your rhythm, you’ll be rocking and rolling in no time! It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve been a proud member of the Booty Belt Club and I am truly pleased with the results! It’s a very intentional and strategic way to target and tone those ever so difficult muscles.

Check out http://www.bootybelt.com for more information, testimonials, and to order your Deluxe Booty Belt System. My system came with three different band levels (still on pink … whew), an exercise guide, a DVD, knee pad, and cute little travel bag to throw this all in for easy carry.

This is such a great workout for Mom’s like me who are balancing careers and motherhood. Every second is precious, so I’m always looking for ways to maximize home workouts. This system provides that flexibility and balance. Plus, it’s an easy way to workout while you travel … no excuses!

I stand by my Irish girl motto … “If you can’t tan it, tone it.” The Bo0ty Belt will help you do just that.


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