I Declare Ida Claire’s to be a Deliciously Delightful Dining Experience!

One of my favorite things to do in life is enjoy a good meal with great friends. And as much as I enjoy cooking and hosting, it’s such a treat to explore new atmospheres and cuisines. When you find a place that leaves you pleasantly pleased on all accounts and an immediate favorite place to frequent, you’ve most certainly hit the jackpot!

Welcome to Ida Claire’s. A uniquely fun and charming hidden treasure, tucked away off the tollway in Addison, TX. I randomly stumbled upon it whilst Yelp!ing the area; so glad I did! Their ambiance is a wonderfully eclectic blend of modern Southern chic. I would love to snag one of their Mad Hatter-esque dining chairs for my book nook and get swept away in reading. Their self-proclaimed menu description is “Southern classics with some international influences”. Nothing like it anywhere!

I was inspired by a recent day date to showcase a couple of my favs … get ready to unleash your inner glutton. You’re going to need a B12 vitamin, insulin shot, and wheelbarrow escort to your vehicle after all the glorious dishes you’ll be consuming! Worth it.

Let’s talk about their cocktails. Introducing, my personal “can’t pass up”, “The Peachy Keen”. A delicious combination of bourbon, honey, peach and ginger liqueur, lemon, an egg white, and angostura bitters. So … yes, I’ll have another. I’ve found bourbon makes everything better … truly.


Their appetizers are mouthwatering and savory. Pictured below are two “don’t stop to breathe” starters … classic hummus and pita (with an added flare) and kale oysters. Have mercy!

FullSizeRender 2


Entrees are just as incredible and there’s plenty to choose from. By the way, it’s labeled “Supper” here, so you’re sure to tap into any Southern roots you may have. Pictured below is the “Bird of Paradise”. Grilled half chicken meets a field pea and basmati with cornbread pecan romesco. And for extra deliciousness, I ordered two individual sides of veggie blends. I mean … heaven. Can you stand it? Well, I’ve also had their Shrimp & Grits, but they weren’t on the table long enough for a photo …


Click here for a link to their website and menu: Ida Claire’s Website & Menu

If you’re in the Dallas area, this is a must see and devour restaurant for everyone. Dig in and eat your heart out!

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