Summertime and a Little White Dress

These days, the wardrobe choices are becoming more and more saturated with colors, patterns, layers, and a plethora of accessories for the pairing. While these combinations are beautiful and fun, sometimes the evening calls for simplicity. Enter … the little white dress.

Yes, the little black dress is a closet go to staple … and trust me, I own several. However, the little white dress gives a lighter (and cooler) feel, whilst maintaining the “va va voom” affect. Besides, this Texas heat is kind to no one, so if I can be comfortably (debatable) cool, or at least subliminal message myself, I’m all over it!

I picked up this gorgeous number at The Limited years ago. In fact, I wore it to my High School Graduation (circa 2002). Since then, I’ve had it tailored to fit. So you can see, I recycle and rotate my closet throughout the years, but I’m always loyal to those timeless, classic pieces.



Simple outfits don’t need much, in terms of accessories. I love the pearl and sparkle combo, so I chose dangling earrings with a light and flowy long necklace (keeping with the pearl theme). For some contrast, I added one of my favorite costume jewelry rose gold pieces. And yes, that is very much a “homemade spa” manicure, thank you very much. My Dallas Cowboys blue certainly gives an added flare to this ensemble! A simple black clutch works great and is easy to carry.

While this dress is no longer available, I did find a sassy new number I’m dying to make “closet home”. Check out this French Connection cut out dress from Bloomingdales: Little White Dress. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Ready for a weekend immersed in all things Dallas! Stay tuned for more adventures.

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