Brunch Mu(n)ch?


For those who know me well, you know I love a good brunch spot. Furthermore, I sure can get down on French food and any combination of bubbly! Today I’m featuring one of my favorite places to indulge, Toulouse Cafe and Bar. And as bonus … I got to brunch it up with my dearest friend, Brandon, who just so happened to introduce me to this establishment on my visits from Florida to Texas, when I was just a mere passerby of this great state. So fun!

Nestled in luxurious Highland Park, you’ll find this quaint treasure, which will quickly propel you into pseudo France (yay!). The atmosphere oozes all things Paris and French countryside, with elegant decor to complement its boasting patio. The interior lounge area has an assortment of closely seated booths and tables, keeping with the European vibes of close knit, intimate seating.


Let’s talk about the food and cocktails. Order it all! Well, I would if I could. Honestly, I’ve never been disappointed with anything on their menu and always leave pleasantly satisfied and not stuffed  … a testament to their perfect portions and savory flavors. This round, I started with a refreshing Rossini; Brandon with their Bloody Mary. Sipping one of these is a challenge for me, as they are so incredibly delicious and it is SO incredibly hot in Dallas right now. Will I have another? Oui, oui. Merci.


For starters, we indulged in their decadent beignets, complete with warm cappuccino sauce for the drizzling (or smothering … your choice, of course). Light, fluffy, sweet … heaven.


For my entree, I kept it healthy and clean …. had to be sure I didn’t need to nap with all the future shopping we had to do! The Katy Trail Omelette  is one of their signature, gluten free dishes. Egg whites with Fontina cheese, spinach, mushrooms; paired with a wonderful side chopped blend of fruit … the perfect starter to any day.


The following is a link to the Brunch Menu: Toulouse Cafe & Bar Brunch Menu. Be sure to check out their Lunch and Dinner Menus as well. A perfect place for day dates and nights out with friends, family, and/or that special someone.

Time for some shopping … and there’s plenty around! Stay tuned for more adventures with Brandon and Me as we both take on Dallas and explore the world. Adventure is in our souls.


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