Swiss Chard Turkey Wrap

I’ve recently been experimenting with different types of leafy greens and vegetable combinations, in an effort to capitalize on different energy resources and also give my diet the moderation it needs to replenish and sustain a very healthy lifestyle . Swiss chard is one of those “always in season” greens that I’m often wondering how to incorporate in a more raw fashion. I know what you’re thinking … Swiss chard is bitter and rough and absolutely tough to get down. Valid in many ways. However, be open minded here … it’s all in the prep, and the texture and flavor combinations.

First, you’ll need to find a great Farmer’s Market that provides true, certified organic Swiss chard – this makes a difference in flavor. You’ll be able to identify “good” veggies by their rich color (deep green leaves and purple stems). When you’ve selected your chard, next up is the prepping. Chard needs to be washed thoroughly and in cold water. I like to rinse under a sprayer and then let them soak for a couple minutes in ice cold water to ensure you’ve removed any unwanted dirt/soil. Once you’ve completed your cleaning process, pat dry with paper towels and then you can get to assembling your wrap.

I used the following in my wrap (you can certainly modify to your liking):

  • 2 Swiss chard leaves for the rolling
    – Side Note: I leave the stems in my chard, as the stems have amazing health benefits. Check out the links below for more info.
  • Boar’s Head roasted turkey (3 slices)
  • Boar’s Head chipotle hummus
  • Caramelized zucchini,onion, and garlic (different veggie combos make for different flavors and flavor varieties)

Assemble as follows … chard, turkey, hummus, veggies .. and wrap.


Your wrap will “stick” together better if you use aluminum foil and let it set for a couple minutes. This also works well for packaging … lunches, picnics, and on the go. The great part about these wraps is they can be served immediately as a hot/room temperature dish, or pre-packaged and eaten cold. Both are equally delicious! Lord knows I ate mine like I hadn’t seen food in weeks. Enjoy!

Check out the following links for nutritional facts on the health benefits of consuming Swiss chard. What a wonderful vegetable to invite into your diet!

Medical News Today – Swiss Chard Health Benefits

World’s Healthiest Foods – Chard

Organic Facts – Swiss Chard

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