Personal Pampering | #Momlife

Single Mom life is no joke. Between all the household chores (I can slay some plumbing issues, pesky smoke alarms, and car tires), grocery / essentials shopping, cooking / meal prep, all of Griff’s school projects and after school activities, workouts, and balancing these with a full-time career … well, let it be known this one woman show can be exhausting at times and calls (more like screams) for some rest and relaxation. Whew.

While schedules are tight and life is always heaving things my direction, I’ve found it’s crucial to get in some “me time” whenever and however I can. Sometimes, it’s tough to physically get away to the spa or salon, so I improvise. Enter, personal pampering. Side note – this is also very budget conscious (jackpot).

Here’s what you’ll need (give or take):
– Essential Oils lavender oil and a diffuser. If you don’t diffuse oils, you can always use aromatherapy candles.
– Wine (a given)
– Nail polish for your fingers or piggies (or both)
– Facial mask of choice

Keep it simple with your at home spa time. A little goes a long way when you can just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Tonight is a multi-tasking kind of personal pampering. Earlier, while Griff was in the bath, I capitalized on this window of leisure and gave myself a homemade mani. Essie polish is an all time fav, as it’s easy to apply, quick to dry, and lasts thru all the aforementioned day to day Mom life tasks. Plus, they have such fun colors to accessorize your style. This week’s color is “between the sheets” creamy grey. Love it!



After dinner and a riveting episode of Bubble Guppies, Griff is now tucked in like a burrito and settled in his room, so I’m taking advantage of the rest of tonight’s quiet moments!

Next up, a hydrating honey dew and chamomile mask, full of antioxidants [and paraben free], for all the moisturizing and rejuvenation my tired face needs. This is a cream base mask that you generously apply, let your skin absorb throughout the night, and wash off in the morning. It absorbs thoroughly, so you don’t have to worry about messy residue on your bedding or clothes. Tip – be sure your hair is securely fastened and out of place, as to not wake up with strands dried to your face (possibly speaking from experience). The next morning, you’ll rise well-rested; always a welcomed feeling.

You can find this particular mask in most any local drug store. I’m currently wearing it as I type and let me just say … not only does it feel refreshing but it smells so good, I could darn near eat if off.




The rest of the night is my kind of luxury … vino, feet up, and The Olympics. GO TEAM USA! Relax and enjoy! I’m “Mom life”ing it with all you Mom’s out there!

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    1. Exactly! It starts within so you can be the best version of yourself. Thanks for the note. Let me know if there’s anything you’re interested reading as a next feature.

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