Rainy Days Got Me All Southern

It’s raining in Texas, but I’m keeping the sunshine alive with the perfect summer getup that will withstand all the rain drizzles and wind gusts this great state of Texas is delivering.

When I wake up to a rainy day, my hair game immediately goes flat (ugh), so I do what I can to make the best of it. And Lord knows there’s not enough dry shampoo and frizz tamer to combat this humidity. What to do? Why channel my Southern roots, of course. Today, I’ve selected a lovely cut out shoulder blouse, paired with skinny jeans, and giant hat to cover my untamable quaff.

For me, flowy blouses and skinny jeans are a perfect combo. They give that dressed up denim feel, with a casual, relaxed undertone. I recently stumbled upon this blouse on a “quick” toiletry run at Target. It immediately caught my eye and was one of those “well, since I’m here” purchases. The Generra skinny jeans are some of my favs! Comfy and fit like a glove. You can pick up some on your next Nordstrom run, or you can be like me and find them at TJ Max for $16 and change (winning!!!). The large, floppy hat is the last “formal” addition to this outfit and oh, how I love that it oozes all things Southern. I picked up my hat, shades, and earrings at one of my favorite local Frisco boutiques, The Firefly Boutique on Legacy Dr.

This attire is versatile. You can grocery shop or have a cocktail with this style!  Perfection. And big hats are perfect for big hair, big plans, and big dreams! Go seize your day and don’t let anyone, or anything, rain on your parade!



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