Stampeding thru the Menu at Stampede 66

This weekend, I decided to venture out to the Big D for some culinary explorations. It just so happened to be Dallas Restaurant week, making a visit to Stephen Pyles’ Stampede 66 serendipitous!

Amidst another lovely apocalyptic summer monsoon (what is with this Dallas weather?), my friend and I finally arrived at this establishment and were absolutely overwhelmed with the uniquely eclectic Texas decor. From oversized chairs and booths, to the large tree and planetarium-esque sky dome, to the emerging wired horses bursting thru walls, to the rotating screen showcasing infamous Texas quotes … we were welcomed with a creative genius of an ambiance!


And if the atmosphere didn’t impress us enough, their cocktail menu sure did! They have an extensive wine, bourbon (hello, lover), and cocktail menu that will leave you stumped in decision making. But don’t worry, their serving staff and Sommelier have you covered. Treat yourself!

I’ll forever be up for a margarita – order up! But I’ve never experienced a handmade table side margarita, composed of Hornitos Plata Tequila, prickly pear fruit, Patron Citronage, lime, candied jalapeño and frozen with liquid nitrogen. Seriously, I was looking for the Cirque du Soleil performers to rappel from the ceiling at any moment. What an entertaining culinary treat!


Oh, the anticipation! They describe the flavor as a frozen sweet tart with a TX flare and it is that and so much more. This cocktail is one of a kind sweet, tart, tangy, refreshing, and definitely packs a punch. I only had one and I savored every single sip.

For an appetizer, we chose the “Hell’s Eggs”, which ironically are every bit of heaven. Finely whipped with Sriracha and sprinkled with bacon … I could’ve ordered a crate and eaten every last one.


For my main course, I kept it light with their special – Red Snapper over a bed of field peas and cilantro puree. Topped off with lightly breaded zucchini halves, this dish was an explosion of flavors. Stephen Pyles speaks my language.


Also at the table, for what is now being labeled as our “Gluttony Feast”, was their signature chicken tamales and honey fried chicken. Lord knows the chicken came with “oh ma goodness” biscuits and a variety of dipping sauces. Feeling stuffed? Well, we kept eating.


This was a culinary experience to remember and quite the Dallas treasure! We’ll most certainly be back for their Sunday supper (live music included). If you’re in the Dallas area, Stampede 66 is a MUST see, experience, and devour place to be! Link to restaurant menu below.

Stampede 66 Restaurant Website & Menus

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