Adventures in Antique’n | Dallas Design District

The torrential downpours have made Big D city exploration somewhat undesirable the past few days. Between the scoop you up and away wind, sideways (every way, really) rain, minor flash floods, and you know, the thought of ruining my hair and all … well, staying cooped up inside seems so much more relaxing than the former. As much as I love a good Netflix and/or Amazon Prime chill day, there’s no reason for cabin fever when there’s indoor fun around the corner, sure to fill the day. So … what a wonderful opportunity to explore the Dallas Design District! And specifically, all the antique stores and warehouses! My friend Brandon and I headed to brunch and then braved the rain for adventures in antique’n.


We had such a grand ol’ time exploring Lots of FurnitureWhite Elephant Antiques, and Lula B’s. Such beautifully crafted, timeless treasures housed in all these stores. It brought so many memories to mind of growing up in the South. I snagged an incredibly beautiful Fenton glass bowl for an unbelievable price at White Elephant Antiques. And during the purchase, we got to cut it up with the owner, Miss Kay. She is every bit of sunshine and sass! The glassware reminded me of my Grams – so beautiful, delicate, and lovely. Now, it sits perfectly on my nightstand (see below).


It was such a wonderful day walking thru vintage and history. I’ll definitely be back for more perusing soon! Check out some of the amazing pieces, collectibles, accoutrements and more ….


In the market for airplane seats? They have those too! Such a collection of history. You can certainly make the trip here on your own, but it’s definitely fun bringing a friend and sharing all the memories with one another this area will evoke. I love hearing from others and sharing my own personal stories of growing up. Of course my favorite ones … Mammaw stories! My great grandmother was such a hoot. Experience and enjoy.

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