Resilience in Heels [or Sneakers, or Barefoot] …

Resilience. Merriam-Webster defines as “the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens; the ability of something to return to its original shape after it has been pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc”. Resilience.

Today I felt compelled to share my motivators in life, in hopes it will encourage, edify, and inspire any reader thru their personal journey. I hesitate to ask, “Have you ever had one of those days?” Uh … yes. How about, “Have you ever had one of those years?” Thank you, I now identify.

Life has its way with all of us. Sometimes it’s kind and gentle. Other times … it will straight up put you in the ring without notice … or gloves. We often face unexpected challenges; some more than others. I’ve found the unexpected to be all too familiar, making the unexpected, ironically, expected.

For me, knowing who you are to your core and what your every day drivers are is an essential element of life. When your perfectly organized and planned day goes awry, and/or when life heaves a baseball directly at your perfectly manicured face, you’re already in the mindset to bounce … quickly, and with grace and style, I might add. And trust me, I’ve had my share of swift 2×4 blows to your day/week/month/year.

Whether it’s people, goals, inspiration, or faith that motivates you, find the things you’re passionate about that keep you persevering thru any hardship(s). For me, my faith has always been an internal compass; keeping my eyes on things above and recognizing what’s within my control. While I’m not always the best model of this behavior (Lord knows I try), I truly strive to focus my energy on positively responding to any situation. The pause, extra breaths, and steps back make such a difference.

When my Griff made his precocious debut into this world, he became my greatest teacher. It was then I realized my priority in life, from a Biblical and obligatory perspective, was to raise this child to be the absolute best version of himself. Who would’ve known that responsibility would, in turn, challenge me to be the absolute best version of myself – God moment. Griff has shown me as an adult what it is like to view life thru the lens of a child, even after all the knowledge and jaded experiences life dishes out … what perspective, should you seize these moments. Example … his first recognition of a full moon. He stood in awe of the vast skies above us, pointing up to the wonder of it all. Yes, Griff … there is so much this life offers, and these simple pleasures should never fade. Perspective.

I have my days, months, even years of life where there are a myriad of emotions and issues I have to work thru. Some days, I feel like the challenges are never ending … I’m right there with so many of you. But then I think about the refinery that is taking place. How I am being, as Merriam-Webster so eloquently describes, pulled, stressed, pressed, bent … all for what I believe to be the continuation of molding me into the best version of myself. What an investment I am. Life (God, for me) has allowed all of this to cross my path because He sees the potential it will bring and the greater impact in store. I am reminded of so many verses of scripture and songs today … “He, Who began a good work in me, will be faithful to complete it.”

Today was a wonderful Monday. It had its challenges, yes; every day does. But it was wonderful because I was productive, shared laughs with friends and colleagues, got to tell my Mom “Happy Birthday” and watch her experience the joy of handmade cards from Griff, listen to Griff read his Kindergarten book homework (without help – GO G!), and tuck him in like a burrito with kisses to follow … to name a few things. Now I’m typing this post with vino in hand (bonus).

Find your life drivers. Invest in you. Get up, dress up, and never give up. Know there are people out there pressing thru the challenges and struggles of dark valleys to get to the mountain top of joy. Know that I am celebrating your victories (tiny as they may be some days) with you, and am cheering you on from a distance. Resiliency is the first step towards knowing you are every bit worth the investment of this life; invaluable. I’ll end this post with a favorite motivational quote … “Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.” You got this!

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