Chicken Salad Smothered in Jalapeno Whiskey Mustard | Caliente

As you may have noticed, I’m not a huge meat eater. But when I do eat meat, I love for it to be one of those meals to enjoy, talk about, share, and remember. I also love for things to be quick, easy, and extra nutritious. And when it makes leftovers even more creative … jackpot!

I’ve been on a big mustard kick of late. Not only for its wide array of health benefits, but also because it’s flavorful without all the calories and fat that come with mayo and yogurt based dressings. While on a recent Highland Park Village trip, I hit up a local favorite, Molto Formaggio Cheese Shop, for some inspirational spreads. So glad I did! I found an insanely delicious jalapeño whiskey mustard by Sutter Buttes Natural Foods. It ended up being the perfect combination to take my chicken salad from classic to caliente!

Here’s what I used:
1/2 of a leftover rotisserie chicken (shredded first, then gave an extra good chopping)
3 celery stalks (well chopped)
4 radishes (roughly chopped)
4 small dill pickles
1 9oz jar of Sutter Buttes Jalapeño Whiskey Mustard (feel free to lick the jar clean … I did)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Throw it all in a bowl and mix away until all the chicken and veggies are evenly coated with the mustard. I decided to throw my chicken salad on a green chard leaf for an extra crunchy wrap. If you’re using chard leaves, this makes about 6 large wraps. You can also make this into a sandwich, top over various greens/salads, or just eat it plain. The flavors are bold with a bite and definitely better when left overnight to marinate. Hope you all enjoy a new spin on one of my Southern favorites!

Link to Sutter Buttes site for mustard and more: Sutter Buttes Jalapeno Whiskey Mustard.


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