Thank Heaven for Saint Ann [Restaurant & Bar]

On Saturday’s, we brunch! And there’s no shortage of fun places with devouringly delicious menus in Dallas. Today called for some sunshine and shade (with a breeze, please); and there’s no patio in town I love more than my all time favorite, the lovely Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar. Known for its amazing outdoor veranda littered with palm trees and all things lush greenery (I just … well, you know … love it all), elegance, food (everything on the menu), and gardens, this was a no brainer brunch choice. Consistently stellar and gives me all the Southern feels.

Today, my friend Brandon and I decided we’d brave the Texas heat and walk thru Victory Park for brunch. Any form of exercise is a favorable choice to prepare for and combat our gluttony feasts. Fortunately for me, my Paige Denim skinny jeans are great for stretching and expansion after all manners of engorgement. Comfort is important in your style choices.


Upon arrival to Saint Ann, we were greeted by their wonderful staff, handing out all the Southern feels I mentioned above. For starters, we munched on their tasty cheese/guac/salsa trio, paired with Bloody Mary’s and Poinsettias. Have mercy …


Laughing and noshing … more laughing, and more noshing.


Bring on the entrees! I was super excited when I saw they had a Smoked Salmon Benedict on the menu. Scrumptious! It inspired me to try my hand at some smoked salmon recipes of my own … stay tuned for future recipe explorations.


We brunched like champs; laughing and chatting and enjoying all the blessings life has given us. If you’re in the Dallas area, you must stop by Saint Ann … you’re certain to be swept away by it all.

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