Vegetable Soup | Great for the Body, Mind & Soul

A continuation of mustard green recipe explorations. How can you not love and respect this leafy green?

Vegetable soup is one of my favorite things to eat, year round, and I was so excited to incorporate mustard greens into the mix. Even though it’s an inferno outside, due Texas heat, I still welcome the hearty flavors and wellness contributions vegetable soup brings. As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, I have been working towards rotating all kinds of greens into dishes to truly adopt a diet of healthy moderation. The benefits of different nutrient combinations are absolutely necessary and will keep your energy and immune system alive and high!

For me, vegetable soup is a trial and error / taste often / add as your palette pleases process. I say that as a caveat for you to add or remove what you’d like, to ensure you’re satisfied with the flavor combination.

Here’s what I used:
2 boxes of organic vegetable stock
1 sweet yellow onion (diced)
3 rainbow carrots (roughly chopped / large slices)
3 celery stalks (roughly chopped / large slices)
3 garlic cloves (diced)
2 scallion stalks (finely chopped)
1 crate of white mushrooms
1 handful of cherry tomatoes (halved)
6 mustard green stalks (tear off the stalk and shred into small pieces)
4 rosemary stalks (remove stem)
Pepper to taste
– Side Note: I don’t use salt in this dish, as the broth and veggies pack enough salt for me, but salt as you please.


Start by warming your broth on medium heat, while you’re chopping your veggies. Once chopped, add all your ingredients to the broth, except for your greens and mushrooms (those cook fast, so you want to make sure you don’t cook all the nutrients out of them). Turn to medium-hig heat. About 20 minutes into your boil, you should notice your carrots and celery starting to soften; that will be when you know to add your mushrooms. Once your mushrooms have cooked for about 5 minutes, add and stir in your greens. Reduce to low heat and let the flavors marinate for a good 10-15 minutes.

You’ll be ready to serve! Or, if you want flavors to settle more, refrigerate overnight and serve the next day for lunch. I have found this soup to be much more delicious the next day and a great left over warm up to take to work for lunch.


Yummy! I hope you enjoy and please comment below with any suggestions for future recipes.

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