Cauliflower Pancake & Shard Served Sunny Side Up

Breakfast food is hands down my favorite food, every day, all day long. I can tear up omelettes, bacon, grits (when done right and with a giant dollop of butter, thank you very much), and french toast like a fat girl fresh out of fat camp … and have seconds. Yep.

That being said, while I do enjoy a good death row meal-esque indulgence, I am also mindful about keeping my inner gluten at bay. Carb overload is great for pre-race day runs but not the best habit to adopt. [Insert] this scrumptious healthy alternative I whipped up, easy breezy style. You’ll seriously be impressed with the high protein, low fat, next to “0” carbs, tasty combination balance. Let’s get started …

1 raw cauliflower head
2 eggs
1 chard leaf
Coconut oil (I used a spray for a lighter coat)


Remove the green stem and roughly chop your cauliflower head. Transfer into a food process or blender until you get a pebble-like consistency, as seen below. The beauty of this is you can prep the night before and stick in the fridge for an easy made breakfast the next morning … all about organizational simple this way.


Mix in 2 eggs to bind your cauliflower for easy patty formation. Don’t mix too fast, as you don’t want to scramble your egg. Spray down your pan with some coconut oil (olive oil works great too, but I really like the flavor of coconut with my cauliflower … either way). Put a couple spoon fulls in your hand, roll around, and then transfer to your pan and pat down and shape with your spatula to thin out into a rectangle for the browning.


It takes about 3 mins per side to brown, depending on your stove top. You’ll know you can flip when your spatula easily slides underneath the bottom of the pancake without crumbling the top. Flip to give the other side some coconut searing … smells delicious.

Once your pancake has browned perfectly, lay over a bed of greens. I used chard, but kale, romaine, and spinach are other wonderful alternatives. The crunch of the greens gives it that uber hearty raw taste and keeps the nutrients intact.


Next, crack and cook your egg. I used a sunny side up egg; you could modify with a poached egg. Bacon works great with this, along with avocado. I used what I had in the fridge, but this dish could definitely be taken to a whole other level and changed up for different meals! Instead of making cauliflower pancakes, you can also use the cauliflower pebbles as a hash base (potato substitute) and scramble with eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. Endless options without the carb guilt.


Here’s to a perfectly plated cauliflower pancake, over a bed of chard, and dressed with a sunny side up egg. Perfection.  Now get on it …


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