Leading in the Home | Self Improvement & Chore Chart to Train Up a Child

I’ve continuously been purposeful in finding ways to inspire and motivate Griff to be the best version of himself (starting young is crucial), while also engaging him in being mindful of helping others and every day basic acts of kindness. Visual learning has proven to be a strong influencer of putting into practice what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s not only a conversation starter and every day reminder, but it also holds both parent and child accountable for the goals, motivators, and teachings of the week. Presenting the Self Improvement & Chore Chart! I continue to organize my home with lean management principles …

Let’s start with the Chore Chart. Griff and I have actively been having conversation about being a household contributor for the last few months. I’ve been incorporating him into household duties as much as possible to help him understand what goes into maintaining a home. Little things make a difference and give kids a sense of responsibility and ownership of work. A reward system is always helpful, as it certainly motivates little ones to focus on the task at hand. You can get pretty creative week to week as you help them take on additional responsibilities.


The Self Improvement Board has to be my favorite part of this project, as it has the potential to morph into a creative force for you and your littles to grow together. For me, I wanted to incorporate a Biblical focus for the week (Fruits of the Spirit), as well as some ways we can help, goals, and the proud championship of our Florida State Seminoles (’tis the season). There’s absolute value in maintaining a consistent approach to this type of learning, but there’s also flexibility in your areas of focus. Anything you can do to engage your littles is a win-win.


While I wrote all of the information and tasks on the board, Griff thought of his own “How Can I Help” and “Goals”. It’s important to me that he play an active role in these areas from week to week. I want to ensure he’s really thinking about how he can apply himself in these arenas and then commit to following through during the week. Ownership … it’s a virtue.


This was a wonderful project to do together. A Sunday afternoon well spent! I know I’m biased, but I have one amazing young man who was born to do great things in this world, and to be a blessing to all who cross his path. Proud Mom.

Side Note – I picked up all supplies at Target (one stop shop). The Chore Chart pictured here was under $10 and came with the check/smiley/star magnets. Bonus!

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