Natural Makeup Must Haves | Bare Minerals Favs

People often inquire about my skincare regimen and makeup application. Honestly, it’s very simple. I avoid heavy sun exposure [as should all Irish to the core pale people], wear sunscreen, wash my face twice a day with chemical free natural face washes, and regularly apply moisturizing creams. Side note – I’m an Oil of Olay girl, just like my Grams. Basic beauty done right.

As far as “putting on my face” goes, I keep it easy with Bare Minerals Makeup. I’ve been a fan of their products since 2008. They’re natural and light, giving you the extra va va voom without the harsh chemicals and “overdone” look. Recently, I tried their new barePRO performance were powder foundation and was truly impressed. I applied early in the morning, post a dead resurrection sleep and two very large cups of coffee. After being outdoors most of the day for football practice and park time, coupled with errands, cleaning, and all things meal prep, it stayed fresh without any additional application or touch ups. My skin felt hydrated and fresh, twelve hours later. Legit.


Here are some links to my every day Bare Minerals favs:

Pressed Foundation Powder – with over 30 different shades to complement any skin tone, you’re sure to find the perfect match. Obviously, I use “No 1 Fair”.

Blush – my color of choice is “Fruit Cocktail”, which matches perfectly with my porcelain skin. A little goes a very long way since this is lose leaf, so use sparingly. You do not want to look like you belong in a Carnival.

Eye Shadow – my pictured is a combination of “Moss” and “summer”. It’s a nice, light shimmer combo that keeps my tired Mom eyes vibrant.

Hope you check out and add some of my above favs to your makeup bag. Wonderful for an on-the-go lifestyle that will leave you radiant amongst all manners of #Momlife. I’ve never been disappointed with a Bare Minerals product!

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