Acai Bowl | Runner/Yogi Recovery Meal

Acai bowls are one of my most favorite indulgences. I label them as an “indulgence”, not necessarily because they’re “bad” for you but because I do try to limit my sugar intake and they tend to be packed full of natural sugars. Also, I tend to eat them like I haven’t seen food in days. That being said, what they are GREAT for is replenishing nutrients after a few days of intense running and/or training. A welcomed recovery meal.

Acai berries are generous in their benefits, full of antioxidants and heart healthy components. I once read they have the same heart and cholesterol benefits as red wine. While, I’d never replace red wine with anything, it’s nice to know there’s another option out there. Check out this link for some additional benefits of Acai: 12 Health Benefits of Acai Berries.

You can make your bowl with a myriad of fruit and topping options, so this has the ability to morph into whatever your palette pleases.

Here’s what I used:
2 frozen Sambazon Acai berry fruit packs
1/3 cup vanilla Lifeway Kefir
Side note: if you haven’t incorporated Kefir into your life, you’re truly missing out on its outstanding benefits. Click on the above link and read all about it. It … is … amazing. I’m a big fan of the Madagascar Vanilla, but they have a variety of flavors. Some can be pretty sour since it is a probiotic, so you’ll want to find the one that’s right for you.
Fresh blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries
Granola – I used Kind peanut butter cluster (small handful)
2 tablespoons of chia seeds for the sprinkling
Siggi’s vanilla yogurt for the dolloping
Honey for the drizzling


Let’s start with the Acai super fruit packs. You’ll want to keep these frozen until you’re ready to make your bowl. Run them under water for a few seconds until they start to break apart. Then, open up and throw in your blender. Put your Kefir (you can use your choice of milk or yogurt if you’re not quite ready to invite Kefir into your home) in and blend away until you have a nice frosty/frozen yogurt-esque consistency.

Put your Acai blend in your bowl and then start adding your fruit. You can make it as pretty as you want or just throw it all on and mix it up. I added a healthy dollop of Siggi’s yogurt and like to slowly spoon some with each bite since it adds that extra tangy balance to the sweetness. Drizzle your honey, throw on your granola handful, sprinkle your chia seeds, and you’ve got your recovery meal in a bowl!

As I noted before, you can use any combination of fruit with Acai. Papaya and mangos are delicious when they’re in season. Bananas are a great addition as well. I’ve seen people blend in peanut butter with their Acai for extra protein … tons of options.

Hope you enjoy!

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