Enchanted Treats | Eagle Brand Magic Cookie Bars

My family has been making Eagle Brand’s Magic Cookie Bars for so many years, it has become a staple expectation for all social gatherings. Birthdays, holidays, showers, company food days … any way we can incorporate these tasty treats into life, we do! And why wouldn’t we when when they’re so easy to throw together and consistently steal the dessert show?! Y’all know I’m all about simple dishes that deliver savory decadence without all that kitchen laboring … magic bars do just that, living up to their name. Absolutely magical. Plus, they last for days, so you can package as lunchbox snacks and munch on for the week … bonus. Mom win!

This past week, Griff assisted with the holiday dessert spread and magic bars were on the list. Any way I can involve my little one into what I’m doing is a win; especially traditions. Griff had a great time putting all the ingredients together and sneaking in some morsels and coconut shavings along the way. Deeeeee … licious!


Ready for some oven lovin’ …


Link to Eagle Brand Magic Cookie Bars recipe. The only modification to this recipe (for my bars) is the addition of butterscotch morsels (bang up flavor).

Tasty! Just try eating one …



Pairs VERY well with your choice of vino. Enjoy!


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