Creamy Potato Leek Soup

Temps have dropped in TX, making hot teas and soups a regular menu item in my household (along with fuzzy booties and blankets). In keeping with my traditional “easy breezy” meals, I have crafted a delicious anti-oxidant filled soup perfect for a starter, side, or its own stand alone meal.

Here’s what I used:
1 box Imagine’s Creamy Potato Leek Soup
1/2 yellow onion
2 garlic cloves (finely chopped)
3 leeks (cleaned thoroughly and roughly chopped)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Warm the soup base in a large stove top pot or crockpot. Chop the garlic, leeks, and onion. Add everything together and bring to a medium boil for a few minutes, stirring frequently. Turn heat to low, and let the flavors blend together for 25-30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Serve immediately or freeze for later. Salt and pepper to taste. Optional toppers could also include bacon crumbles (yum), chives, and/or cheese.

Leeks are a phenomenal source of nutrients, vitamins, and cancer fighting agents. If you’re curious about what specific nutritional benefits leeks bring to your diet, check out the following sites:
Live Well – Jillian Michaels


Meatball Madness

Let’s talk about ah-meat-ah-balls (in my best Italian accent with the notorious finger smooch)! Who doesn’t love Italian food?!?!? Breads, Noodles, Sauces, Wine (hello, lover) …. all the good stuff that makes you say “yum”. Meatballs are definitely one of my favorite indulgences and can be served in a variety of dishes (bonus). Griff specifically requested spaghetti and meatballs on this cold, dreary, rainy Texas day. And when The Amazing Griff Clark asks you for meatballs, you make some amazing, bang up meatballs.

3lbs lean ground beef
1/2 yellow onion (chopped)
2 garlic cloves (minced)
1/2 cup herb roasted bread crumbs
1/3 cup of milk
1 egg
1 tablespoon of low sodium garlic & herb ground spice blend (I used McCormick’s)
Salt & Pepper


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. You’ll need three separate bowls for flavor prep and the ultimate three step combination process. Begin by adding your bread crumbs and milk in a bowl/measuring cup to start the soaking process. In a separate bowl, whisk your egg with ground spices, salt, and pepper. In another bowl, add your chopped onion and minced garlic to the meat. With your hands (time to roll up your sleeves and get in there), start mixing/kneading the meat. Once completely blended, add the soaked bread crumbs (draining any excess milk) and continue mixing with your hands. Finally, add your egg mixture (binding agent) and mix together. Next, roll into meatballs for oven lovin’. I roll medium sized, which makes about 20 meatballs.


Bake at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes, or until the temperature gauge reads 165 degrees in the middle. Leaner meats cook quicker, so you’ll want to regularly check at the 20 minute mark.

As previously mentioned, meatballs can be added to a variety of dishes or eaten plain. Either way … delish! I prefer to bake them this way so I can use and/or freeze for several different dishes. Today, I added to spaghetti, just as Griff requested. And oh how he savored and devoured. Love it when any dish is G approved.


Nom … nom … nom …



Currently, I have the other 10 meatballs marinating in some Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Lord, help me (praise hands). Just another savory way to serve up this deliciousness … and that’s just one other sauce option. Mustard blends and ketchup are other additional [fantastic] options to layer on the flavor. Hope you enjoy this recipe and all the tastiness it delivers. You’ll most certainly be hostess with the mostest, should you choose to add to any dinner party menu.


Organic French Onion Soup [for Days]

It’s finally cooling off in Texas and beginning to deliver a hint of all things wonderful Autumn weather. Better late than never! The Fall and Winter seasons are my most favorite times to be in the kitchen, as they bring out those traditional dishes and spices that recall memories and leave you feeling all warm, fuzzy, and comforted. From a cooking perspective, I really try to keep things healthy. I attempt to substitute carbs and unnecessary calories, when I can, by enhancing the dishes with more vegetables. Baking … well, that’s another story. And there will be plenty of delicious baked treats I’ll post soon you’ll happily devour this season!

Soups are my immediate “go to” meal when it’s chilly and I’m craving a small bite to help me warm up, but not leave me feeling like a busted can of biscuits. Well, unless I have a run the next day … then, I’m having seconds (or thirds) and all manners of engorgement are in full swing!

French Onion Soup is one of my favorite soups of all time (a close second to Baked Potato Soup). And why wouldn’t it be? All that amazing onion broth flavor, mixed with 1lb (at least) of cheese and softened bread. I love indulging in a bowl at my favorite French restaurant in town, with a glass of Pinot Noir to wash it all down. Who wouldn’t order? I’d like to know. But, let’s be realistic about this tasty bowl … it’s loaded with extra, unecessary calories and carbohydrates. As much as I love the cheesy breaded goodness, there’s still a way to enjoy this soup without all the extras and get the same great taste! Plus, I’m always looking for ways to to make things as simplistic as possible, so here’s an easy breezy modified recipe great for lunch, dinner, and/or leftovers. This dish will feed a village, so be prepared to serve at least 4 or save the rest for the days ahead.

Here’s what I used:
1 box Pacific Organic French Onion Soup
1 crate of Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms (roughly chopped)
Side note: Mushrooms add an extra layer of consistency and heartiness, in place of cheese. 
1 Yellow Onion (roughly chopped)
4 Garlic Cloves (finely chopped)
Salt & Pepper to Taste

Pour your soup base into a pot on med-high heat to get those flavors heated up and flowing. Chop your garlic, mushrooms, and onions. Add your roughly chopped items to your broth and bring to a boil for a few minutes. Afterwards, set your heat to low and allow all the flavors to marinate for about 30 minutes. You can serve immediately, or package for a fridge sleep and serve the next day (even better, once all the flavors have had some time to marry). How simple is that? I love to pair this soup with my staple broccoli and cauliflower cakes (see prior post for recipe). These veggie patties act as a yummy substitute for bread and give you another layer of vitamins and jam packed flavor.

Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for more easy breezy comfort foods for all things Holidays and seasonal festivities.

Cauliflower Pancake & Shard Served Sunny Side Up

Breakfast food is hands down my favorite food, every day, all day long. I can tear up omelettes, bacon, grits (when done right and with a giant dollop of butter, thank you very much), and french toast like a fat girl fresh out of fat camp … and have seconds. Yep.

That being said, while I do enjoy a good death row meal-esque indulgence, I am also mindful about keeping my inner gluten at bay. Carb overload is great for pre-race day runs but not the best habit to adopt. [Insert] this scrumptious healthy alternative I whipped up, easy breezy style. You’ll seriously be impressed with the high protein, low fat, next to “0” carbs, tasty combination balance. Let’s get started …

1 raw cauliflower head
2 eggs
1 chard leaf
Coconut oil (I used a spray for a lighter coat)


Remove the green stem and roughly chop your cauliflower head. Transfer into a food process or blender until you get a pebble-like consistency, as seen below. The beauty of this is you can prep the night before and stick in the fridge for an easy made breakfast the next morning … all about organizational simple this way.


Mix in 2 eggs to bind your cauliflower for easy patty formation. Don’t mix too fast, as you don’t want to scramble your egg. Spray down your pan with some coconut oil (olive oil works great too, but I really like the flavor of coconut with my cauliflower … either way). Put a couple spoon fulls in your hand, roll around, and then transfer to your pan and pat down and shape with your spatula to thin out into a rectangle for the browning.


It takes about 3 mins per side to brown, depending on your stove top. You’ll know you can flip when your spatula easily slides underneath the bottom of the pancake without crumbling the top. Flip to give the other side some coconut searing … smells delicious.

Once your pancake has browned perfectly, lay over a bed of greens. I used chard, but kale, romaine, and spinach are other wonderful alternatives. The crunch of the greens gives it that uber hearty raw taste and keeps the nutrients intact.


Next, crack and cook your egg. I used a sunny side up egg; you could modify with a poached egg. Bacon works great with this, along with avocado. I used what I had in the fridge, but this dish could definitely be taken to a whole other level and changed up for different meals! Instead of making cauliflower pancakes, you can also use the cauliflower pebbles as a hash base (potato substitute) and scramble with eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. Endless options without the carb guilt.


Here’s to a perfectly plated cauliflower pancake, over a bed of chard, and dressed with a sunny side up egg. Perfection.  Now get on it …


Hawaiian Voyage | Eat, Explore, Enjoy

I recently returned from a trip to Oahu, Hawaii. Glorious. Beaches, mountains, culture, food, vast landscapes rich with beauty … all of this made for a fun, relaxing, and healing vacay. Some life experiences are good for the mind, body, and soul; Hawaii certainly qualified. I’ve put together a list of sites and things to explore from my stay, if you’re planning a future visit or wondering whether or not to add Hawaii to your travel list. Note – this list doesn’t encompass all of my Hawaiian adventures, but definitely highlights some great spots!

1 – City Running Tours
While the internet houses a wealth of information about the location, I prefer to immediately explore on foot, to get the lay of the land and know what’s nearby of interest I can easily walk (or run) to. Thanks to an incredibly motivating friend who also loves to run, I opted for a sunrise running and yoga session via City Running Tours my first morning on the island. What an incredible experience!

Yovo, our tour guide, may be the most enthusiastic person I’ve ever met in life. Between his wonderfully warm spirit and energy, to his Go Pro and running selfie stick (mmm-hmm, he got it all on film), I truly felt like he was there to engage and deliver THE Hawaiian experience. And thank goodness for it all, as I was jet lagged and dragging at 6:00am, after being wedged in an airplane for 10 hours the night before. I stayed at Waikiki Beach, but there are running tours throughout Oahu, so be sure to do your research and find what’s best for you.

Here are some photos from the running path …








Yovo took us thru Waikiki and around the infamous Diamond Head, sharing Hawaiian history and culture as we passed by different stopping points. What was supposed to be a 2 miles one way with a “yoga by the beach” intermission and 2 miles back, ended up being more like 7 miles total, thanks to all of Yovo’s enthusiasm and extra details. “Island Time” may be a little different than what you’re used to, so be flexible. [Smile]. Sore, but worth it! This was an excellent way to get my stiff joints moving and start my Hawaiian adventure. If you’re a runner and/or yogi, this is a must do. Replenish yourself with a delicious breakfast at Eggs n’ Things – there’s typically a line around the corner, but you’ll be glad you waited.

2 – Halona Blowhole
On the Southeast side of Oahu, the waters are crystal blue, housing volcanic cliffs you’ll awe over. Halona Blowhole is a short drive from Waikiki and also has a small beach adjacent to the cliffs, should you want to make a beach day out of it as well.


As I mentioned earlier, some experiences are good for the mind, body, and soul. This view was breathtaking. I found several sites on the island a place for purposeful self-reflection and appreciation for creation, life, and this beautiful world we call home. I sat on the Halona Blowhole cliffs for quite some time, listening to the waves crash around me,
taking in the wonder of God’s amazing workmanship. Nature is powerful; it heals, inspires, and rejuvenates.


3 – Byodo-In Temple
Drive a little further north, and you’ll come to the Byodo-In Temple; a replica of an ancient Japanese temple complete with gardens, meditation rooms, koi ponds, and a Buddha statue incense room. You may recognize this temple if you’re a LOST fan like me, as it was the filming place for Jin’s and Sun’s wedding. Fun fact.

The temple grounds are pristinely maintained and will leave you with a serene and peaceful feeling. You’ll pass through a cemetery, prior to arrival, and may see funerals taking place as this is a coveted burial area on the island. There’s a gong you can try your hand at, as well as incense candles you can light, as part of a more personalized experience.


4 – Turtle Beach 
As part of the drive to the North Shore, there are several must see stops along the way. The best exploration tool of Oahu is the GyPSy Guide Tour App. An affordable and easy download to your smart phone and then you’re off on your adventure! The app syncs with satellites and will give you directions, history, and information about the sites while you’re driving, along with recommended stops throughout your route. Download and go!

Turtle Beach was the first stop towards the North Shore and it … was … gorgeous. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any turtles, but they’ve been known to frequent this beach, so you may get lucky and see one. This beach comes with some great rock climbing areas, in addition to vegging areas. Part of it is also nicely shaded, so my people (Irish and pale) can get a break from the sun rays.


Feel free to indulge in some sea rock yoga, should you be so inclined.


5 – Banzai Pipeline (a.k.a Pipe)
Probably one of the most popular areas of Oahu and certainly a surfer favorite is Pipe. While I was there, the waves were huge and crashed with a vengeance, but in the winter months, they are grander and much more dangerous. Hard to believe. This beach has thick sand that will literally go to your knees in some areas. Walking along it can be quite the workout, especially when you’re trying not to be pulled out by the current – not the best “wading area”. You’ll see several surfers along your visit; many trying to tackle the fierce waves. I could watch them for hours. Sunset Beach, another popular spot, is a couple miles north where you can also view wave riders. If you’re an advanced surfer, I’m sure you’re itching to get in the water and “shaka shaka” your way towards wave heaven.


6 – Food Truck Mecca (Giovanni’s)
The North Shore is littered with food trucks, but Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck is in it for the win. If you’re hungry … even if you’re not … the shrimp here is the most tasty you’ll devour on the island. And their macaroni salad … yes, please! Be sure to pick up one of their ice cold coconuts for some refreshing natural coconut water to wash it all down (happy place).


Drained it dry – all gone! Delicious.


Also on location is marketplace selling local produce and handmade items. I picked up some fresh papaya, coconut, and pineapple from this fruit stand for the rest of the ride along the shore. They will cut it and ziplock bag it for you to go. Perfection.


7 – Waimanalo Bay & Beach 
This one takes the cake for me as being my favorite place on the island. Secluded and tucked away in the Southeast side of Oahu, Waimanalo offers a luxurious ocean view with the clearest blue waters, towering mountains, cliffs, and distant mini islands as your ocean backdrop. You’ll find coconuts and the biggest driftwood you’ve ever seen along your walk.

I spent a quiet morning here listening to the waves, warming with the sunshine, and swaying with the breeze. To think, God created all of this vast beauty and still took the time to make, form, and invest in li’l ol’ me. Selah. I was incredibly humbled by His love, in the presence of his amazing creation. Such a great thinking space for self reflection. Healing and inspirational.


My Southern roots were in full swing as my giant floppy hat provided all the Southern feels I’m known for, as well as ample face protection from the ravenous sun rays! Side note – always be sure you’re packing lots of sunscreen and frequently applying. Your skin will thank you! Again … happy place.


8 – Eats & Treats
The island offers several dining choices. A few I visited worth the stop are outlined below. Keep in mind, the island is very crowded so it’s best to make reservations when possible. Otherwise, you could be waiting quite some time and dining late.

– Hotel Haelkulania – House Without a Key
Great food and an unbelievable oceanfront dining view. The patio is first come, first serve, so it’s best to get there before 5pm. You can enjoy a fresh Mai Tai, which will most certainly knock you off your feet (strong)! In addition, you’ll get some beautiful sunsets here – great experience all around.


– Shaved Ice
An island favorite and you can truly get on any corner. I enjoyed a large pineapple strawberry shaved ice combo beachside at Waikiki. A welcomed refreshment after a nice dip in the ocean!


– Brunch at Lulu’s Waikiki
Lulu’s is great for walk-ins, though you may have to wait a while for a seat. And beware of Hawaiian time, as you’ll be amongst all the football fans catching their games at 10am local time. The food is yummy; fruit cups come with fresh coconut shavings and ground macadamia nuts. The atmosphere is open, facing the beach, so you’ll get a fantastic ocean breeze. Enjoy!


– Dinner on the Rooftop – SKY Waikiki
If you want to enjoy a view of Waikiki from the sky, SKY is the place to go. It has panoramic views with lounge areas you can enjoy both shade and sunshine. The food is super tasty and more of a tapas menu. Their cocktails are excellent and beautifully crafted with fresh herbs and hibiscus. You’ll want to make a reservation, as this place books fast! The views are top notch!


– Acai Bowl – Family Roots Cafe
The bowls from this establishment are the best I’ve ever had in life. The acai is that perfect  frozen consistency, topped with a variety of fruit, granola, seeds, nuts, and coconut shavings. The one pictured below is a mini bowl and very filling, but I honestly could’ve gotten the large and stuffed myself until I busted …. SO GOOD! The cafe is located in a small strip mall near the Honolulu airport with about two tables and hardly any standing room. I inhaled my bowl on a bench outside. There’s a long line for all the to go orders, as this place does some business! Grab one before you head out, or one for every day on the island. Yummy ……


My Hawaiian adventure was such a treat and one I’ll remember for a lifetime. As much as possible, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy all this world has to offer. Explore and take the time to learn about the history and cultures of the area. You will be enriched and fulfilled when you open yourself to new experiences. Even if it’s not across the Pacific to an island, there’s so much to experience and enjoy in your backyard and surrounding areas. Look for those experiences and seize every opportunity. Be adventurous and be blessed!

Greens Goddess

My leafy green recipe explorations continue and mustard greens are making me all kinds of happy (and hungry). I literally stood in my kitchen and ate my portion off the roasting pan … didn’t even bother to plate it. Seriously, THAT good.

I honestly feel like a Greens Goddess with all the fantastic dishes I’ve been consuming of late. From my regular kale and spinach buddies, to chard and leaks, mustard greens are another welcomed dietary option! And they are a wonderful addition to your diet, housing a vast array of nutritional benefits, including (but not limited to):

  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Help lower cholesterol
  • Packed with phytonutrients
  • Rich in fiber
  • High in Vitamin K – bone building bonus
  • Immune boosting vitamins
  • Skin & eye protection vitamins

When I picked up these greens today at the market, I had the intention of using them in my immune boosting vegetable soup … which I did, and you will see later on the blog (so delicious). I had some leftover ingredients from my soup recipe, so I decided to throw some things together for a light dinner. What a pleasant surprise of flavors!

Here’s what I used:
2 large mustard green leaves (washed well and patted dry)
2 hearty handfuls of cherry tomatoes (sliced in half)
1 lemon (sliced)
1/2 crate of white mushrooms
4 garlic cloves (whole)
Rosemary (4 stems)
Tarragon (about 6-8 small stems)
Sage (1 large stem)
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper

Arrange your leaves, tomatoes, mushrooms, lemons, and herbs on a large baking sheet (see below) and dress with olive oil, salt and pepper.


Oven lovin’ roastin’ should be at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. The tomatoes should have a good bit of wrinkle on them, and your greens and mushrooms should be a medium shade of brown. You can taste along the way to get the perfect consistency and ensure you don’t burn.

Ta-dah! Ideally, had I plated, you would tear the mustard green leaves off the stem, remove the herbs and lemon slices, and mix all together. The leaves are crisp and the tomatoes are juicy. The garlic cloves are soft and pack the perfect punch of flavor. This dish is wonderful on it’s own, but would also pair well with a toasted bread of choice. Cheese couldn’t hurt either – never does. A goat cheese or mozzarella would take this to a whole other level.


Cheers to a healthy and happy life of culinary explorations that provide tremendous nutritional benefits!

For more information, check out Mustard Green Health Benefits.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Vinaigrette!

This week has been one of those relentlessly, non-stop busy ones filled with tasks, projects, work, and Mom duties, from dawn ’til the wine glass is empty (pinky up). And unlike Cinderella and Snow White, there aren’t any precious little birds, mice, and woodland creatures helping me gleefully rise in song to greet and tackle another day.

Today was another “back to back” day. Whew. That being said, when I’ve finished a long day strong, it’s a relief to come home and be able to quickly throw together a healthy and nourishing dinner. Where to start? Tonight, I literally stood in front of my fridge and thought … what can I easily combine and get in my belly before I eat the kitchen?

Here’s what I threw together as a salad:
3 kale stalks (roughly torn)
Radishes (chopped)
Sweet peppers (chopped)
Celery (chopped)
Cherry tomatos (chopped)
Zest of 1/2 a lemon (makes it extra “lemony” and pretty)

I regularly eat a lot of raw food and always have a variety of chopped veggies in the fridge. Throw in whatever you want – the above just happened to be chopped and ready to grab. Artichoke hearts and banana peppers also add a lot of flavor to salads if you have some in your cup board.

To dress my salad, I typically just use olive oil and vinegar, but I wanted to add a different dynamic to this salad to give a better balance. I’ve been doing a good bit of research to make my diet one of true moderation and variety, so I tried my hand at a lemon vinaigrette.

Here’s what I used for the vinaigrette:
Zest of 1/2 lemon
Juice of 1 lemon
– Tip: Zest first, then juice the same lemon.
3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons of spicy brown mustard

Vinaigrettes can be tricky, especially lemon ones. I really enjoy a citrus flare in my salad, but some find lemon flavors overwhelming and require a sweet ingredient, like honey, to stabilize taste. The sweet peppers in my salad give me that balanced flavor, but you can certainly add some honey (to taste), should you desire.

And there you have it … simple, easy, and super healthy. You could use any variety of veggie and meat combinations here as well. This salad has lots of potential for different flavors. More importantly, the ingredients here have extensive health benefits and are considered brain food. If you’re like me, you’re not scooping ice cream all day, so the mental fatigue can definitely take its toll. Rejuvenating your mind with healthy dishes like this help to replenish the energy burned while your synapses were firing all day!


Dig in! And of course, pair with your favorite vino.


Personal Pampering | #Momlife

Single Mom life is no joke. Between all the household chores (I can slay some plumbing issues, pesky smoke alarms, and car tires), grocery / essentials shopping, cooking / meal prep, all of Griff’s school projects and after school activities, workouts, and balancing these with a full-time career … well, let it be known this one woman show can be exhausting at times and calls (more like screams) for some rest and relaxation. Whew.

While schedules are tight and life is always heaving things my direction, I’ve found it’s crucial to get in some “me time” whenever and however I can. Sometimes, it’s tough to physically get away to the spa or salon, so I improvise. Enter, personal pampering. Side note – this is also very budget conscious (jackpot).

Here’s what you’ll need (give or take):
– Essential Oils lavender oil and a diffuser. If you don’t diffuse oils, you can always use aromatherapy candles.
– Wine (a given)
– Nail polish for your fingers or piggies (or both)
– Facial mask of choice

Keep it simple with your at home spa time. A little goes a long way when you can just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Tonight is a multi-tasking kind of personal pampering. Earlier, while Griff was in the bath, I capitalized on this window of leisure and gave myself a homemade mani. Essie polish is an all time fav, as it’s easy to apply, quick to dry, and lasts thru all the aforementioned day to day Mom life tasks. Plus, they have such fun colors to accessorize your style. This week’s color is “between the sheets” creamy grey. Love it!



After dinner and a riveting episode of Bubble Guppies, Griff is now tucked in like a burrito and settled in his room, so I’m taking advantage of the rest of tonight’s quiet moments!

Next up, a hydrating honey dew and chamomile mask, full of antioxidants [and paraben free], for all the moisturizing and rejuvenation my tired face needs. This is a cream base mask that you generously apply, let your skin absorb throughout the night, and wash off in the morning. It absorbs thoroughly, so you don’t have to worry about messy residue on your bedding or clothes. Tip – be sure your hair is securely fastened and out of place, as to not wake up with strands dried to your face (possibly speaking from experience). The next morning, you’ll rise well-rested; always a welcomed feeling.

You can find this particular mask in most any local drug store. I’m currently wearing it as I type and let me just say … not only does it feel refreshing but it smells so good, I could darn near eat if off.




The rest of the night is my kind of luxury … vino, feet up, and The Olympics. GO TEAM USA! Relax and enjoy! I’m “Mom life”ing it with all you Mom’s out there!

If You Can’t Tan It, Tone It

So … can we talk about my new favorite workout equipment of late, The Booty Belt???!!! I know what you’re thinking … booty what? Come again? Classy. Listen, I’m in my 30’s now and let’s face it, as much running, yoga, and miscellaneous strenuous activities I cram into my week, gravity is not our friend. In fact I’m quite certain gravity has a personal vendetta against me at this juncture in life. I’ve done everything short of a native rain dance to defy these aging odds. Ever look in the mirror some days and think … wait a second, when did THAT start sagging, bagging, and dragging??? Yep.

Like many of you, I live an incredibly healthy lifestyle with a great diet and exercise combination. There’s not a bike route, running and/or hiking trail, trampoline park, playground, or bleachers I haven’t taken on in full fledged workout mode. Sometimes, in heels! Even so, I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted, in terms of toning my backside, until … enter The Booty Belt (stage left, strong applause).

This contraption, if you will, can be a bit difficult to manuever if you lack coordination. In addition, it can sometimes resemble a mild form of medieval torture, should you attempt to tackle a more advanced level than recommended for newbies (possibly speaking from experience). All that being said, once you get your rhythm, you’ll be rocking and rolling in no time! It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve been a proud member of the Booty Belt Club and I am truly pleased with the results! It’s a very intentional and strategic way to target and tone those ever so difficult muscles.

Check out for more information, testimonials, and to order your Deluxe Booty Belt System. My system came with three different band levels (still on pink … whew), an exercise guide, a DVD, knee pad, and cute little travel bag to throw this all in for easy carry.

This is such a great workout for Mom’s like me who are balancing careers and motherhood. Every second is precious, so I’m always looking for ways to maximize home workouts. This system provides that flexibility and balance. Plus, it’s an easy way to workout while you travel … no excuses!

I stand by my Irish girl motto … “If you can’t tan it, tone it.” The Bo0ty Belt will help you do just that.